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Fig. 6.

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Relationship between wind tolerance-related traits by wind tolerance screening facility and yield-related traits in wind-prone areas far from the east coast. Principal component analysis (A) and correlation analysis (B). PC1: principal component 1, PC2: principal component 2. C1, C2, C4, and C6 mean c lusters classified by K-means clustering (Fig. 4B). WS: white spikelet, WP: white panicle, DG: degree of wind damage, RRG_C: ratio of ripened grain (RRG) at control, RRG_T: RRG at treatment, RRG_R: reduction rate of RRG between control and treatment, PH and TN: plant height and number of tillers per hill at maximum tillering stage, respectively. HD: heading date, DAS: days after seeding, CL: culm length, PN: number of panicles per hill, NS: number of spikelets per panicle, RRG: ratio of ripened grain at wind-prone areas. Abbreviation of varieties are listed in Supplementary Table 2.
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