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Fig. 7.

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Classification of wind tolerant rice varieties bred at Yeongdeok substation by adaptability test in wind-prone areas. K-means clustering analysis using four traits, white panicle (WP) and ratio of ripened grain at treatment (RRG_T) by wind tolerance screening facility and ratio of ripened grain (RRG) and yield in wind-prone areas (A). 3D-scatter plot using WP, RRG_T, and yield (B). CB: Chilbo, DaB: Dabo, DB: Daebo, DH: Donghae, DHJM: Donghaejinmi, DoB: Dongbo, HORM: Haeoreumi, HP: Haepyeong, HPC: Haepyeongchal, JB: Jinbo, NaP: Naepung, PM: Pungmi, SaB: Sangbo, SCB: Saechilbo, SD: Samdeog, SiB: Sinbo, WH: Weonhwang, YB: Youngbo, YD: Yeongdeog, YH: Yeonghae. YC1-6: Yeongdeok cluster 1-6.
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