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A New Black Seed Coat Soybean Cultivar, ‘Socheong 2’ with Green Cotyledon and Small Seed Size
검정콩 녹색자엽 소립 신품종 ‘소청2호’
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2013;45(1):055-60
Published online March 31, 2013
© 2013 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

In Youl Baek1*, Won Young Han1, Jong Min Ko1, Hyun Tae Kim1, Myeong Gi Jeon1, Keum Yong Park1, Byung Won Lee1, Young Hoon Lee1, Tae Jung Ha1, Sang Ouk Shin1, Ha Sik Shim1, Joong Kyung Moon1, Ki Won Oh1, Sung Taek Kang1, Sang Kyun Cho1, Hong Tai Yun1, Seung Soo Lee2, and Chang Ki Son3
백인열1* ・한원영1 ・고종민1 ・김현태1 ・전명기1 ・박금룡1 ・이병원1 ・이영훈1 ・하태정1 ・신상욱1 ・ 심하식1 ・문중경1 ・오기원1 ・강성택1 ・조상균1 ・윤홍태1 ・이승수2 ・손창기3

1National Institute of Crop Science, RDA, Suwon 441-857, Korea2Chungnam Agricultural Research & Extension Service, Yesan 340-861, Korea3Gyeongbuk Agricultural Research & Extension Service, Daegu 702-708, Korea
1농촌진흥청 국립식량과학원, 2충청남도농업기술원, 3경상북도농업기술원
A new black seed coat soybean variety, ‘Socheong 2’ was developed at the National Institute of Crop Science (NICS)in 2006. ‘Socheong 2’ was selected from the cross between ‘Milyang78’ and ‘Peking’. The preliminary, advanced and regionalyield trials for evaluation and selection of this variety were carried out from 2005 to 2009. It has determinate growth habit, whiteflower, brown pubescence, black pod color, black seed coat, green cotyledon, elongated flattened seed shape, oval leaf shape andsmall seed size (12.2 grams per 100 seeds). And it has the same maturity as the check cultivar Cheongjakong. ‘Socheong 2’has better seed quality than that of the check cultivar in isoflavone contents (2,031 ㎍/g), and it has good adaptability for‘Cheongkugjiang’ and soybean malt. It also has been identified to have resistance to soybean mosaic virus symptom (SMV)which was the troublesome soybean diseases. The average yield of ‘Socheong 2’ was 2.00 ton per hectare in the regional yieldtrials carried out in five locations of Korea among seven from 2007 to 2009, which was 7 percent higher than that of the checkcultivar ‘Cheongjakong’.
Keywords : Soybean, Variety, Socheong 2, Black seed coat, Isoflavone

December 2018, 50 (4)
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