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A Medium Maturing, High Quality, Multiple Resistant and Middle Plain Area Adaptable Rice ‘Jungsaenggold
중부평야지 적응 고품질 복합내병성 벼 ‘중생골드’
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2013;45(4):457-462
Published online December 31, 2013
© 2013 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Young-Chan Cho, Myeong-Ki Kim, Yeon-Gyu Kim, Im-Soo Choi, Chang-Ihn Yang, Myung-Gyu Oh, Jeom-Ho Lee, Jeong-Ju Kim, Jung-Pil Suh, Yong-Jae Won*, Ki-Ho Hwang, Sea-Kwan Oh, Jeong-Heui Lee, Jae-Ki Chang, Jae-Hwan Roh, Chung-Kuen Lee, Eok-Keun Ahn, and Eung-gi Jeong

National Institute of Crop Science, RDA, Suwon 441-857, Republic of Korea
농촌진흥청 국립식량과학원
The ‘Jungsaenggold’ is a japonica rice variety developed from a cross between Yeongdeog34 which has translucent milled rice and good milling properties and F1 of Yumetsukushi and Saesangju that the varieties have a good canopy architecture, cold tolerance and early maturing property by the rice breeding team at NICS, RDA in 2011. The heading date of this variety is August 8 and four days earlier than check variety, ‘Hwaseong’. ‘Jungsaenggold’ has 78 cm of culm length and 113 spikelets per panicle. This variety showed similar cold tolerance to ‘Hwaseong’ while exposed to cold stress. This variety showed resistance to blast disease and stripe virus, but susceptible to bacterial leaf blight and planthoppers. The milled rice of this variety exhibits translucent, clear non-glutinous endosperm and short grain shape. ‘Jungsaenggold’ has better palatability index of cooked rice than that of ‘Hwaseong’ because of lower protein content (6.2%) and amylose content (17.2%) than that of ‘Hwaseong’. The whole grain rate of milled rice is higher than that of Hwaseong and milled rice recovery rate of ‘Jungsaenggold’ is similar to those of Hwaseong. ‘Jungsaenggold’ has 5.05 MT/ha of milled rice productivity in ordinary cultivation and 5.51 MT/ha in early cultivation. ‘Jungsaenggold’ could be adaptable to the middle plain area in Korea.
Keywords : Rice, Medium maturing, High quality, Multiple resistance, Jungsaenggold

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