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Studies on Insect Diversity Related to Drought-tolerant Transgenic (Agb0103) Rice in Large Scale GMO Field
대규모 GMO 포장에서 가뭄저항성벼(Agb0103)가 곤충다양성에 미치는 영향
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2014;46(2):136-142
Published online June 30, 2014
© 2014 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Sung-Dug Oh1, Jinseo Kim2, Kijong Lee1, Tae-Hun Ryu1, and Sang Jae Suh2*
오성덕1 ・김진서2 ・이기종1 ・류태훈1 ・서상재2*

1Biosafety Division, National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, Suwon, 441-707, Korea2School of Applied Biosciences, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, 702-701, Korea,
1농촌진흥청 국립농업과학원 생물안전성과, 2경북대학교 농업생명과학대학 응용생명과학부
This study was carried out to develop of macro-protocol and the biosafety guide for drought-tolerant transgenic rice (Agb0103) at large scale GMO field, a total of 4,700 m2. In GMO quarantine area of Kyungpook National University, insect species diversities and population densities on Agb0103 and wild type (Ilmi) were investigated. There was no difference between the population densities of insect pests and natural enemies on two varieties, while sometimes insect pest density on Ilmi was slightly higher than on Agb0103, but natural enemy density on Agb0103 was a little higher. These results provided the insect diversity for risk assessment analysis of Agb0103 and suggested that the macro-protocol could be useful to detect GM plants.
Keywords : Biosafety, Drought-tolerant, Insect diversity, Transgenic rice

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