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Starch and Pasting Characteristics in Relation to Stickiness of Rice Cake Using Glutinous Rice Varieties
찰벼 품종별 찰떡의 찰기 관련 전분 및 호화 특성
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2015;47(3):199-208
Published online September 30, 2015
© 2015 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Mi-Ra Yoon1*, Jeom-Sig Lee1, Jieun Kwak1, Jeong-Heui Lee1, Jae-Buhm Chun2, Chang-Ihn Yang1,Jun-Hyun Cho3, Mi-Jung Kim1, Choon-Ki Lee1, Bo-Kyeong Kim2, and Wook-Han Kim1
윤미라1* ・이점식1・곽지은1・이정희1・전재범2・양창인1・조준현3・김미정1・이춘기1・김보경2・김욱한1

1Department of Central Area, NICS, RDA, Suwon 16429, Korea2National Institute of Crop Science, RDA, Wanju 55365, Korea3Department of Southern Area, NICS, RDA, Miryang 50424, Korea
1농촌진흥청 국립식량과학원 중부작물부,2농촌진흥청 국립식량과학원,3농촌진흥청 남부작물부
This study was conducted to analyze the starch and pasting properties of fourteen glutinous rice varieties with different maturity, and we compared the textural characteristic difference in relation to stickiness of glutinous rice cake. The whiteness values of grain appearance showed significantly differences in the order of early < medium < mid-late maturing glutinous rice varieties. Early maturing glutinous rice varieties exhibited a little high tendency for crude protein content than that of other varieties. Mid-late glutinous rice varieties showed higher of short chain ratio of 6 to 12 in DP of amylopectin whereas, medium length chains of 13 to 24 were significantly low. According to Rapid Visco-Analyzer measurement glutinous rice flours and starches, peak time showed high negative correlation with short chains of 6 to 12 in DP. The hardness of mid-late maturing glutinous rice cake was distinctly lower than that of the other glutinous rice varieties. Furthermore, mid-late maturing glutinous rice varieties, Baegseolchal, Dongjinchal and Baekogchal tend to show lower and slower in hardness changes of rice cake during storage. The hardness changes of glutinous rice cake had positive correlation with the amylose content and peak time and negative correlation with short chains of 6 to 12 in DP of amylopectin, respectively.
Keywords : Glutinous rice variety, Starch properties, Glutinous rice cake, Stickiness

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