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A Chinese Matrimony Vine (Lycium chinense Miller) Cultivar with Many Branches and High Ingredients ‘Cheongkwang’
분지발생이 많으면서 약용성분 함량이 많은 구기자 신품종 ‘청광’
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2015;47(3):318-323
Published online September 30, 2015
© 2015 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Jung-Il Ju1*, Su-Dong Kim2, Young-Chun Park1, Bo-Hee Lee1, Joung-Seok Seo2, Yun-Gyu Nam2,Seung-Woo Paik2, and Hyun-Ho Kim1
주정일1* ・김수동2・박영춘1・이보희1・서정석2・남윤규2・백승우2・김현호1

1Cheongyang Boxthorn Experiment Station, Chungnam-Do ARES, 33319, Cheongyang, Korea.2Research and Development Bureau, Chungnam-Do ARES, 32418, Yesan, Korea.
1충남농업기술원 청양구기자시험장,2충남농업기술원 기술개발국
The new Chinese matrimony vine line, CB04340-64 was selected from the hybrids(F1) between CB02214-131 (IT232701) and Cheongyang 7 (IT232601) in 2004 to breed the cultivar with high quality and yielding. Its preliminary yield tests were performed from 2006 to 2008 and the selected line was named Cheongyang 14. Its regional yield trial was carried out in Cheongyang, Yesan and Jindo from 2009 to 2011 and Cheongyang 14 was registered as the new variety, ‘Cheongkwang’ in 2011. The specific characteristics were summarized as follows; The leaf was ellipsoidal and small size. The fruit type was oblong and middle size. The flowering time was June 26 with medium flowering. The branching by twice pruning was generated a lot more than the check variety, Cheongun. The resistances to anthracnose and eriophyidae mite were similar to that of the check variety. The content of betaine of dried-fruit and brix degree of fresh fruit were higher than that of the check. The dried-fruit yield was increased about 15 percent in preliminary yield tests and 6 percent regional yield trials. This variety has self-incompatibility. So, the companion variety, Cheongmyeong, was required as pollinizer. (Certificate on grant of plant variety rights: Grant number No.4794, Protection Period 10/02/2014∼09/02/2034).
Keywords : Lycium chinense Miller, Chinese matrimony vine, Cultivar, Cheongkwang

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