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A Medium-Late Maturing Glutinous Rice Variety, 'Hyowon 2' with Short Clum
단간, 중만생 찰벼 신품종 '효원2호'
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2016;48(3):384-389
Published online September 30, 2016
© 2016 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Ah-Rim Lee1, Seong-Gyu Jang1, Da-Eun Im1, So-Yeon Park1, Tae-Hwan Jun1, Min-Young Yoon2,Won-Hee Ra2, Yong-Jin Park2, Yoo-Hyun Cho3, and Soon-Wook Kwon1,*

1Department of Plant Bioscience, Pusan National University, Miryang 50463, Korea2Department of Plant Resources, Kongju National University, Yesan 32439, Korea3Seed Pia Co. Suwoen 16395, Korea
1부산대학교 식물생명과학과, 2공주대학교 식물자원학과, 3㈜ 시드피아
Hyowon 2’, a new medium-late maturing glutinous rice variety with short clum and lodging tolerance was developed by the rice breeding team of Pusan National University in 2013. This cultivar was derived from a cross between 'Junam’ as a short clum source and ‘Donna’ with a good glutinous properties. During selected by the pedigree breeding method, until F8 generation. As a result, a promising line, JS22-3-24-1-6-2-1-1-1, was advanced and designated as the name of ‘SP 105’ in 2012. This variety headed on Aug. 22 is 9 days later than ‘Dongjinchal’ in middle plane. The Culm length and panicle length of this variety was 65.6 cm and 22.5 cm, respectively. This variety has about 14.4 tillers per hill and 113 spikelet numbers per panicle. The ratio of ripened grain is about 93.0% and 1000-grain weight was 18.4 g in brown rice. This variety has higher α-tocotrienol content compared to that of ‘Hwasunchal’. The yield performance of brown rice was 4.81 MT/ha in local adaptability test.
Keywords : Rice, Hyowon2, Landrace, Glutinous, Short

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