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Anthocyanin-rich Purple Waxy Corn Single Cross Hybrid ‘Cheongchunchal’
안토시아닌 고함유 찰옥수수 ‘청춘찰’
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2016;48(4):541-546
Published online December 31, 2016
© 2016 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Ki-Jin Park1*, Jong-Yeoul Park1, Young-Ho Seo1, Si-Hwan Ryu1, Jae-Keun Choi1, and Hee-Yeon Kim2

1Maize Research Institute, Gangwon-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Hongcheon 25160, Korea2Agriproduct Processing Research Institute, Gangwon-do Agicultural Research and Extension Services, Chuncheon24203, Korea
1강원도농업기술원 옥수수연구소, 2강원도농업기술원 농식품연구소
This study was carried out to create new waxy corn variety using anthocyanins germplasm including 13 ornamental maize stocks, purple corn and two parental lines of Mibaek2. First, we made anthocyanin husk population for sustainable breeding from 13 ornamental stocks for 6 years from 2001 and then crossed purple corn with a dark purple kernel in 2007. We crossed this hybrid with two parental lines of Mibaek2, a good edible quality waxy corn, in 2007/2008 dry season nursery for additional breeding in Thailand. The anthocyanin-rich waxy lines derived from these hybrids were self-fertilized seven times and made single cross hybrids until 2011. These hybrids were evaluated on 2 or 3 places in Gangwon-do for next two years. One selected elite hybrid was named Cheongchunchal and applied for registration of new waxy corn variety in March 2014. Total anthocyanins content is zero in Mibaek2, 737 in Miheugchal, 18,809 mg/kg in Cheongchunchal. This variety is meaningful as health food and high-value industrial material.
Keywords : Waxy corn, Purple corn, Single cross, Anthocyanins

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