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Anthocyanin-rich grain corn hybrid variety ‘Saekso 2’
종실 안토시아닌 고함유 옥수수 ‘색소2호’
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2017;49(3):289-293
Published online September 1, 2017
© 2017 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Jae-Keun Choi1, Jong-Yeol Park1, Ki-Jin Park1, Hee-Yeon Kim2, Si-Hwan Ryu1, and Young-Ho Seo3
최재근1, 박종열1*, 박기진1, 김희연2, 류시환1, 서영호3

1Maize Research Institute, Gangwon-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Hongcheon 25160, Korea2Agriproduct Processing Research Institute, Gangwon-do Agicultural Research and Extension Services, Chuncheon 24203, Korea3Gangwon-do Agicultural Research and Extension Services, Chuncheon 24226, Korea
1강원도농업기술원 옥수수연구소, 2강원도농업기술원 농식품연구소, 3강원도농업기술원
We report the development of new anthocyanin-rich grain corn hybrid variety ‘Saekso 2’. The seed parent, HA3 and the pollen parent, HA4 was developed from breeding materials collected from China in 2008 and from Canada in 2000, respectively. The hybrid was made in the winter of 2010/2011 and evaluated in Hongcheon for 3 years. After evaluation, the selected variety was named ‘Saekso 2’ and was approved for a variety registration in 2017. Anthocyanin content of Saekso 2 in grain was 685 mg/100g and was much higher than that of Saeko 1(0mg/100g). Since regional tests was conducted in only Gangwon province, it is recommended only in that region for commercial cultivation. For the highest content of anthocyanin, it is best to harvest grains at around 45 days after silking. Saekso 2 is the first hybrid bred specifically for processing for high anthocyanin production.
Keywords : Corn , Maize , Purple corn , Single cross , Anthocyanins

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