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Screening of Resistance to Crown Rot Caused by Phytophthora cactorum through Bioassay Analysis in Strawberry (Fragaria×ananassa Duch.)
생물검정을 이용한 딸기(Fragaria×ananassa Duch.) 유전자원의 역병균(Phytophthora cactorum)에 의한 crown rot 저항성 평가
Korean J Breed Sci 2018;50(3):203-210
Published online September 1, 2018
© 2018 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Ye Rin Lee1, Won Suk Jang2, Myeong Hyeon Nam2, and Jundae Lee1*
이예린1, 장원석2, 남명현2, 이준대1*

1Department of Horticulture, Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju 54896, Korea
2Nonsan Strawberry Experiment Station, Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, Chungnam A.R.E.S., Nonsan 32914, Korea
1전북대학교 농업생명과학대학 농업과학기술연구소 원예학과, 2충청남도농업기술원 논산딸기시험장
Correspondence to: (E-mail:, Tel: +82-63-270-2560, Fax: +82-63-270-2581)
Received June 27, 2018; Accepted August 9, 2018.
This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Crown rot caused by Phytophthora cactorum is one of several serious, widespread diseases that cause problems in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) cultivation. In this study, we aimed to identify a strawberry resistant to P. cactorum through bioassay. A total of 104 wild and cultivated strawberry accessions, including ‘Sulhyang’ and ‘Akihime’, were inoculated with an isolate of P. cactorum, ‘PC151111’. A zoospore suspension was used with a density of approximately 106 zoospores·mL-1. Three strawberry seedlings were tested three times independently. The disease index was scored on a scale from 0–4 through symptom observation while the inoculated plants were incubated at 25±3°C under 16 h/8 h (light/dark) conditions for three weeks. The results showed that the mean disease index varied from 0.78–3.78, and the ‘Pechika’ and ‘Kaorino’ cultivars were highly resistant to P. cactorum, with mean disease indexes of 0.78 and 0.89, respectively. These cultivars will be useful resources in breeding strawberries resistant to crown rot.
Keywords : accession, disease, inoculation, isolate, octoploid, resource

September 2018, 50 (3)
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  • Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(iPET)