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Development of Near-Isogenic Line of japonica Rice Cultivar Saenuri without Lipoxygenase-3
새누리 벼 품종 배경 lipoxygenase-3 결핍 자포니카 근동질계통 개발
Korean J Breed Sci 2019;51(3):190-200
Published online September 1, 2019
© 2019 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Hyun-Su Park1*, Keon-Mi Lee1, Ki-Young Kim2, Jeong-Ju Kim1, Woon-Cheol Shin1, Man-Kee Baek1, Choon-Song Kim1, Seul-Gi Park1, Chang-Min Lee1, Jung-Pil Suh1, and Young-Chan Cho1
박현수1* · 이건미1 · 김기영2 · 김정주1 · 신운철1 · 백만기1 · 김춘송1 · 박슬기1 · 이창민1 · 서정필1 · 조영찬1

1National Institute of Crop Science, RDA, Wanju, 55365, Republic of Korea
2Research Policy Bureau, RDA, Jeonju 54875, Republic of Korea
1농촌진흥청 국립식량과학원, 2농촌진흥청 연구정책국
Correspondence to: (E-mail:, Tel: +82-63-238-5214, Fax: +82-63-238-5205)
Received June 18, 2019; Revised July 6, 2019; Accepted July 19, 2019.
This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
It is reported that the absence of lipoxygenase-3 (LOX-3) may contribute to a reduction in stale flavor after the storage of rice. To improve the quality of stored rice of the Korean japonica rice cultivar, we conducted a breeding program to develop near-isogenic rice without LOX-3 in the genetic background of Saenuri, a mega variety of Korea. In the first step of the breeding program, we used a donor parent of LOX-3 null, Daw Dam, and a recurrent japonica parent, Sindongjin, to develop HR27873-AC12 by backcross (BC1), color test for introgression of lox-3, and anther culture for rapid fixation. In the second step, we used the donor parent, HR27873-AC12, and the recurrent parent, Saenuri, to develop HR28896-31-3-1-1 by backcross (BC1), marker-assisted selection (MAS) for lox-3, and phenotypic selection (PS) for agronomic traits. Finally, in the third step, we developed HR30960-186-2-1-2-1 (Jeonju624), derived from a cross between Saenuri and HR28896-31-3-1-1, by MAS for lox-3 and PS with high selection pressure for agronomic characteristics. Jeonju624 was confirmed with the introgression of lox-3 by molecular marker. Jeonju624 was a mid-late maturing rice with similar agronomic characteristics to Saenuri, lodging tolerance with short culm, erect plant architecture, and resistance to bacterial blight and rice stripe virus. The yield components of Jeonju624 were mostly similar to Saenuri, except for the 1,000-grain weight of brown rice. The appearance of the grain of Jeonju624 was better than that of Saenuri, and the characteristics of cooked rice were similar to those of Saenuri. In the genetic background analysis using 406 KASP (Kompetitive Allele-Specific PCR) markers, Jeonju624 was confirmed to be the near-isogenic line (NIL) of Saenuri with a 95.8% recovery rate. Jeonju624 is the NIL of Saenuri without LOX-3, and overcomes the linkage drag of Daw Dam with similar agronomic characteristics and genetic background to Saenuri. Jeonju624 can be utilized as a practical cultivar to improve the quality of stored rice, breeding material for the introgression of lox-3, and genetic material to elucidate the effect of introgressed genes.
Keywords : Rice, Lipoxygenase-3, Near-isogenic line, Saenuri, Jeonju624

September 2019, 51 (3)
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