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Table. 1.

Gene edited crops that the U.S. Department of Agriculture considered to be out of regulatory scope (as of April 2019)z

USDA response Institution Plant Intended trait Technology
2019/4/19 Illinois State Univ. Pennycress “Undisclosed” CRISPR
2019/2/25 Max Planck Institute Nicotiana attenuate Modified nectar composition CRISPR
2019/2/8 Intrexon Lettuce “Undisclosed” “Undisclosed”
2018/9/27 Yield 10 Bioscience Camelina “Undisclosed” CRISPR
2018/8/6 Illinois State Univ. Pennycress “Undisclosed” CRISPR
2018/5/14 Univ. of Florida Tomato Fruits lacking the pedicel abscission zone CRISPR
2018/3/20 Calyxt, Inc. Wheat Nutritionally-Enhanced TALEN
2018/3/19 Benson Hill Biosystems Maize Increased yield “Undisclosed”
2018/1/16 DuPont Pioneer Maize Improved resistance to Northern leaf blight CRISPR
2017/12/29 North Carolina State Univ. Tobacco Low levels of nicotine Meganuclease
2017/10/16 USDA ARS Soybean Drought and salt tolerance CRISPR
2017/9/25 Calyxt Alfalfa Nutritional quality TALEN
2017/8/29 Yield10 Bioscience Camelina sativa “Undisclosed” CRISPR
2017/4/7 Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Setaria viridis Delayed flowering time CRISPR
2016/12/2 Simplot Plant Sciences Potato Reduced PPO5 protein TALEN
2016/9/15 Calyxt Potato PPO knock-out TALEN
2016/4/18 DuPont Pioneer Maize Waxy starch CRISPR
2016/4/13 Penn State Univ. White button mushroom Anti-browning CRISPR
2016/2/11 Calyxt Wheat Resistance to powdery mildew TALEN
2015/11/30 Agrivida Maize Increased starch Meganuclease
2015/5/22 Iowa State Univ. Rice Disease resistance TALEN
2015/5/20 Cellectis Plant Sciences Soybean High oleic acid TALEN
2014/8/28 Cellectis Plant Sciences Potato “Undisclosed” TALEN
2012/3/8 Dow AgroScience Maize Reduced phytate ZFN
Products that the USDA has not considered to be regulated pursuant to the regulation on the introduction of organisms and products altered or produced through genetic engineering.
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