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Table. 3.

Global status of policy development for gene edited crops (as of April 2019).

Status  Country  Agency Is the product is regulated as a GMO (Yes / No)

No DNA sequence from a different species Insertion of DNA from a different species

Targeted deletions Targeted edits Null Segregant Targeted insertions
Policy or policy statement in place Argentina Ministry of Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Fishing No No No Yes Yes
Chile Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) No No No Yes Yes
Brazil National Technical Biosafety Commission (CTNBio) No No No Yes Yes
Columbia Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) No No No Yes Yes
Japan Ministry of the Environment No No No Uncertain Yes
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare No No No Uncertain Yes
Israel National Committee for Transgenic Plants No No No Yes Yes
USA US Department of Agriculturez No No No No No
Canada Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada Canada follows a novelty-triggered, risk-based regulatory approach.

Legal interpretationy EU European Court of Justice Yes Yes Uncertain Yes Yes
New Zealand High Court of New Zealand Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Under discussion Australia Office of the Gene Technology Regulator No Yes No Yes Yes
Honduras SENASA No No No Yes Yes
If a plant pest is not involved as donor, recipient, or vector agent.
Legal interpretation of existing regulation. Real policy discussion may start in the future.
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