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Fig. 4.

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Expression patterns of salt and environment stress tolerance genes in transgenic Arabidopsis B267 (A) and B288 (B) lines. Bars represent the means±standard error of three replicates. Asterisks represent significant differences from the untransformed wild-type (*; 0.01< p-value <0.05, **; p-value <0.01, Student’s t-test). Wt, untransformed wild-type plants; lanes #1-#3, selected transgenic lines, respectively. BrATL30; B. rapa RING-H2 FINGER PROTEIN ATL30, BrZHD10; B. rapa ZINC-FINGER HOMEODOMAIN PROTEIN 10, ABI1; ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE1, DREB2A; DEHYDRATION-RESPONSIVE ELEMENT-BINDING PROTEIN 2A, FRY1; FIERY1, HKT1; HIGH-AFFINITY K+ TRANSPORTER1, SOS1; SALT OVERLY SENSITIVE11.
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