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Fig. 5.

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The expression of BrATL30 and BrZHD10 in transgenic B. napus plants. (A) and (B) Structure of the 35S-Pro::BrATL30 and 35S-Pro::BrZHD10 constructs for expression in B. napus, respectively. (C) and (D) Genomic DNA PCR analysis of BrATL30-OX and BrZHD10-OX transgenic B. napus plants respectively. The presence of BrATL30, BrZHD10, and hpt transgenes was verified by PCR amplification using specific primers. (E) and (F) Semi-quantitative RT-PCR for BrATL30 and BrZHD10 genes in transgenic B. napus plants (upper panel), respectively. Relative expression level of BrATL30 and BrZHD10 transgene (lower panel), respectively. Bactin gene expression level was used as a quantitative control. Bars represent the means±standard error of three replicates. Asterisks represent significant differences from the untransformed wild-type (*; 0.01< p-value <0.05, **; p-value <0.01, Student’s t-test). Lanes: M, molecular size marker; Wt, untransformed wild-type plants; lanes #1-#6, selected transgenic lines, respectively.
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