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Table. 1.

Days to heading and other agronomic traits of the nine triticale cultivars under 22-hour photoperiod condition.

Cultivar Days to
Culm length
Spike length
Awn length
No. of
No. of
Choyoung 37.0bcd 52.6c 6.2a 6.2a 1.0ns 16.0ns
Gwangyoung 42.0a 54.5bc 4.6d 3.0bc 1.0ns 10.7ns
Joseong 38.0abc 59.2a 5.9ab 2.3cde 1.0ns 11.7ns
Minpung 42.0a 47.1d 4.9cd 3.0bc 1.0ns 8.0ns
Onggoljin 34.0cd 56.8ab 5.6abc 2.9bcd 1.0ns 9.7ns
Saeyoung 36.0bcd 47.4d 4.4d 2.0e 1.0ns 9.7ns
Shinjoseong 33.0d 52.0c 4.7d 3.6b 1.0ns 14.0ns
Shinseong 37.0bcd 51.1c 5.1bcd 2.2de 1.0ns 13.0ns
Shinyoung 40.0ab 45.6d 6.1a 2.5cde 1.0ns 7.0ns

The different letters are significantly different from each other (p<0.05) according to the DMRT. One-way ANOVA was performed for each characteristic.

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