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Fig. 1.

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FISH-based mapping of 18S (red) and 5S rDNAs (green) in eight B. rapa accessions. A) Karyotypes of B. rapa subsp. pekinensis (a), B. campestris var. rapifera (b), B. rapa var. perviridis (c), B. rapa subsp. rapa (d), B. rapa var. chinensis (e), B. rapa subsp. narinosa (f), B. rapa subsp. oleifera (g), B. rapa var. narinosa (h). B) Haploid ideograms of 8 genotypes showing the conserved distribution and locus number of 18S rDNA. *polymorphic sites in chromosome-bearing 5S rDNA, +hemizygous sites in chromosome-bearing 5S rDNA (Scale bar = 10 µm).
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