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Table. 1.

List of recent wheat genetic editing studies using the CRISPR/cas9 system.

Target gene Trait/Gene function Editing type Transformation method References
TaCKX2 grain-size regulatory candidate genes InDel A. tumefaciens, Protoplast Zhang et al. 2019
TaMs2 male-sterile Knock-out A. tumefaciens Tang et al. 2021
TaMTL pollen-specific phospholipase InDel A. tumefaciens Liu et al. 2019
TaPDS carotenoid pathway enzyme InDel A. tumefaciens Howells et al. 2018
TaSBEIIa starch composition, structure and properties Knock-out Particle bombardment Li et al. 2020a
α-/γ-gliadins gene families Decrease gluten immunogenicity Knock-out A. tumefaciens Jouanin et al. 2019
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