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Table. 2.

Viviparous germination and cold tolerance of ‘Miho’. (LAT: '14~'16)

Variety VVGz (25℃ at 40 DAF) Cold tolerancey
Heading delay
Grain fertility
PA (1-9)x
at maturing stage at seedling stage
Miho 36.9** 14ns 29.7ns 7ns 4ns
Nampyeong 8.3 9 32.0 6 3

ns and ** mean no significant and significant at p<0.01 by T-test, respectively.

zVVG : viviparous germination (germination rate for 7 days at 25℃).

yCold tolerance was evaluated at 17℃ irrigation nursery in Chuncheon substation, NICS.

xPA: Phenotypic Acceptability.

LAT: Local Adaptability Test.

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