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Table. 3.

Winter hardiness, lodging tolerance and BaYMV resistance of cultivar ‘Heukbochal’ tested in Jeonju, Naju, Jinju and Daegu regions from 2015 to 2017.

Cultivar Winter withering ratez (%) Lodging
Powdery mildewy BaYMVx (0~9)
Heukbochal 66.7aw 1 Susceptible 0 1 0
Saechalssalbori 33.3b 1 Susceptible 0 3 0

zData tested in Yeoncheon.

yDisease incidence induced natural infection at plastic house at Jeonju for three years.

xTested on viral infested field for three years (0: Resistance, 9: Susceptible). BaYMV means viral disease by Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

wDifferent letters within a column indicate significant difference between cultivars (t-test, p<0.05)

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