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Table. 3.

Major growth characteristics of the ‘Miwoo’ in the early stages ('15~'17, LATz)

Variety Germinationy Rate (%) Seedlingx height(㎝) Early
Coldw tolerance Discolorationv
Miwoo 94.7** 19.1* good 6 6
Nokyang 51.0 19.8 normal 7 6

**p<0.01, *p<0.05

zLocal adaptability test

yGermination rate was investigated after incubating 13℃, 15days

xSeedling height was measured by 3 replicate on 30 days after seeding

wCold tolerance was evaluated at seedling stage after treating 13℃, 10days

vGrade standard for discoloration : normal(1), pale green of leaf tip(3), 1/3 yellow green of leaf(5), 2/3 yellowish brown of leaf(7), most of leaves withered(9)

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