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Table. 6.

Quality characteristics of storage root of ‘Bodeuremi’.

Variety Texture of steamed storage root Dry matter content
Hardness of steamed storage
root (g)
Total sugar contents
(g/100g dw)
°Brix of steamed
storage root
Raw Steaming
Bodeuremi Moist 21.2±1.0* z 510.0±75.4* 15.0±2.0ns 33.4±3.4ns 21.1±0.7ns 0.8±0.1ns 6.1±0.03**
Pungwonmi Intermediate 26.6±1.4y 859.7±84.6 12.5±0.7 31.5±1.7 23.7±1.5 1.0±0.0 26.9±0.03

zns indicates no significant difference at p<0.05, while * and ** significant at respectively p<0.05 and p<0.01 in the independent two-sample t-test.

yMean±SE (n=3).

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