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Table. 7.

Texture properties of cooked rice of U.S. rice varieties

Variety Hardness Adhesiveness Toughness Stickiness Cluster
Boramchan 50.2fz 53.8a 37.4e 60.8a T_UV1
Rico1 65.4def 44.4a 54.9c 45.6d T_UV2
Pecos 51.4f 52.7a 41.9de 58.7ab T_UV1
Saturn 86.4bc 23.5bc 79.1a 24.2ef T_UV4
Mars 59.6f 53.2a 44.7de 50.9cd T_UV2
Saber 82.6bc 16.1cd 79.7a 19.5f T_UV4
Shortlabelle 63.1ef 52.9a 43.3de 53.1bc T_UV2
A008 54.2f 46.7a 48.8cd 45.4d T_UV2
Bluebelle 77.2cde 15.9cd 79.8a 19.9f T_UV4
Rajbonnet 78.1cde 20.1cd 77.8a 22.6f T_UV4
Cypress 81.3bcd 25.4bc 77.9a 27.1ef T_UV4
Cocodrie 110.5a 13.6d 83.2a 19.2f T_UV3
Lacassine 86.4bc 18.9cd 80.2a 24.6ef T_UV4
Jefferson 80.6bcd 25.2bc 69.7b 26.2ef T_UV4
A020 95.1b 29.7b 69.3b 31.4e T_UV4
Totaly 76.6 31.3 66.5 33.4
Range 51.4-110.5 13.6-53.2 41.9-83.2 19.1-58.7

zMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT)

yThe value of total is calculated for U.S. rice varieties (n=14)

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