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Table. 8.

Characterization of of texture properties-related traits U.S. rice varieties classified by K-means clustering analysis

Cluster n Varietyz Hardness Adhesiveness Toughness Stickiness
T_UV1 2 BRC, PCS 50.8cy 53.3a 39.7b 59.7a
T_UV2 4 RC1, MS, SLBL, A008 60.6c 49.3a 47.9b 48.7b
T_UV3 1 CCDR 110.5a 13.6b 83.2a 19.2c
T_UV4 8 ST, SB, BLBL, RJBN, CPRS, LCS, JFS, A020 83.5b 21.9b 76.7a 24.4c
Total 15 74.8 32.8 64.5 35.3
C.V. 7.1 13.9 7.1 10.7

zBRC: Boramchan, RC1: Rico1, PCS: Pecos, ST: Saturn, MS: Mars, SB: Saber, SLBL: Shortlabelle, BLBL: Bluebelle, RJBN: Rajbonnet, CPRS: Cypress, CCDR: Cocodrie, LCS: Lacassine, JFS: Jefferson

yMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT)

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