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Fig. 1.

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Phenotype (A) and genotype (B) of grains of U.S. rice varieties. The number of grains in the petridish is 100. PCR analysis was conducted to confirm the allele types of nine grain-related genes, GW2, GS3, qGL3, qLGY3, qSW5, GS5, TGW6, GW7, and GW8. M: DNA size marker, 1: Boramchan (BRC), 2: Rico1 (RC1), 3: Pecos (PCS), 4: Saturn (ST), 5: Mars (MS), 6: Saber (SB), 7: Shortlabelle (SLBL), 8: A008, 9: Bluebelle (BLBL), 10: Rajbonnet (RJBN), 11: Cypress (CPRS), 12: Cocodrie (CCDR), 13: Lacassine (LCS), 14: Jefferson (JFS), 15: A020.
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