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Fig. 3.

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The effects of various allele combinations of U.S. rice varieties. Black rectangles indicate the means of grain-related traits. GL: grain length, GW: grain width, GT: grain thickness, RLW: ratio of length to width, TGW: 1,000-grain weight. CU1: GW2-GS3_C-qGL3-qLGY3- qsw5_N-gs5-TGW6-GW7-GW8 (Boramchan), CU2: GW2-GS3_C-qGL3-qLGY3-qSW5-gs5-TGW6-GW7-GW8 (Rico1, Pecos), CU3: GW2-GS3_ C-qGL3-qlgy3-qSW5-gs5-TGW6-GW7-GW8 (Saturn, Mars), CU4: GW2-GS3_B-qgl3-qlgy3-qSW5-gs5-TGW6-GW7-GW8 (Saber), CU5: GW2-gs3- qGL3-qlgy3-qSW5-gs5-TGW6-GW7-GW8 (Shortlabelle, A008, Bluebelle, Rajbonnet, Cypress, Cocordire, Lacassine, Jefferson), CU6: GW2-gs3- qGL3-qlgy3-qSW5-gs5-TGW6-GW7-gw8 (A020). Means with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT).
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