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Table. 6.

Characterization of of pasting properties-related traits U.S. rice varieties classified by K-means clustering analysis

Cluster n Varietyz Pasting temperature
Peak viscosity
Trough viscosity
Final viscosity
R_UV1 3 BRC, RC1, SB 76.2by 267b 178a 288a 88bc 22a
R_UV2 4 PCS, ST, MS, A008 76.5b 314a 160ab 254a 154a -60b
R_UV3 1 CCDR 81.5a 173c 099c 216b 73c 44a
R_UV4 7 SLBL, BLBL, RJBN, CPRS, LCS, JFS, A020 80.4a 253b 132b 262a 120ab 9a
Total 15 78.6 266 147 262 120 -5
C.V. 2.2 4.2 10.9 6.6 14.7 -11.1

zBRC: Boramchan, RC1: Rico1, PCS: Pecos, ST: Saturn, MS: Mars, SB: Saber, SLBL: Shortlabelle, BLBL: Bluebelle, RJBN: Rajbonnet, CPRS: Cypress, CCDR: Cocodrie, LCS: Lacassine, JFS: Jefferson

yMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT)

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