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Table. 5.

Difference in grain characteristics using image analysis according to grain color, PPO (polyphenol oxidase) activity and allelic variations among 50 Korean wheat cultivars.

Characteristics Grain length (mm) Grain width (mm) Grain perimeter (mm) Grain area (mm2) Grain aspect Grain circularity
White grainz 7.1ax 3.6a 18.3a 20.0a 1.99a 0.75a
Red grain 6.7b 3.4b 17.3b 18.0b 2.00a 0.75a
PPO activityy High 7.0a 3.5a 17.9a 19.3a 2.01a 0.75a
Low 6.7b 3.4b 17.2b 17.9b 1.98a 0.75a
Tamyb10-A a 7.0a 3.5a 17.9a 19.3a 2.01a 0.75a
b 6.7b 3.4b 17.2b 17.8b 1.99a 0.75a
Tamyb10-B a 6.9a 3.5a 17.7a 18.7a 2.00a 0.75a
b 6.4b 3.3a 16.6b 16.9b 1.99a 0.75a
Tamyb10-D a 7.0a 3.5a 17.9a 19.2a 2.00a 0.75a
b 6.7b 3.4b 17.2b 17.9b 1.93a 0.76a
Ppo-A1 a 6.9a 3.5a 17.8a 19.1a 2.00a 0.75a
b 6.7a 3.4b 17.3a 18.0b 1.99a 0.75a
Ppo-B1 a 6.8b 3.4b 17.4b 18.1b 2.00a 0.75a
b 7.0a 3.6a 18.1a 19.7a 1.99a 0.75a
Ppo-D1 a 6.8a 3.4a 17.5a 18.4a 1.99a 0.75a
b 7.1a 3.5a 18.3a 19.8a 2.03a 0.74a
TaCWI-4A Hap-4A-C 6.8a 3.4a 17.6a 18.5a 2.00a 0.75a
Hap-4A-T 6.8a 3.5a 17.5a 18.5a 1.96a 0.75a
TaGW2-6A Hap-6A-A 6.7b 3.4b 17.3b 17.9b 1.99a 0.75a
Hap-6A-G 7.0a 3.5a 18.1a 19.6a 2.00a 0.75a
TaSus2-2B Hap-H 6.8b 3.4b 17.4b 18.2b 2.00a 0.75a
Hap-L 7.1a 3.6a 18.2a 20.0a 1.98a 0.75a

zGrain color was determined by NaOH and Ninhydrin treatments.

yPPO activity was determined by the color of L-DOPA assays.

xValues followed by the same letters within each gene or characteristic are not significantly different at p<0.05.

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