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Fig. 1.

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Genealogical and schematic diagram of breeding for ‘Drimi 1ho’. ‘Drimi 1ho’ was derived by crossing ‘Samgang,’ which is resistant to brown planthopper (BPH, Nilaparvata lugens Stal), and ‘Nagdong,’ with excellent quality, in order to breeding a new rice cultivar which is resistant to BPH and has high cultivation stability. Among the breeding lines, the F1 generation was derived by crossing ‘SNBC6-190’, which has good pavement characteristics and is resistant to BPH, with ‘Junam’, which has excellent quality, and a doubled haploid (DH) population was generated through anther culture. Among the derived DH lines, ‘JSNDH-12’, which is resistant to BPH and has excellent agronomic properties, was selected. Finally, a productivity test and regional adaptability test were performed, and it was named ‘Drimi 1ho’.
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