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Table. 2.

Yield-related traits of glutinous rice cultivars by different cultivation time.

Cultivation time Cultivar HDz (DAS) CL (cm) PL (cm) PN NS TGW (g) RRG (%) BRR (%) Yield (kg/10a)
Early Baegseolchal 119bc 80ab 19b 12b 83bcd 24.9a 80.5a 81.1ab 446a
Baekogchal 125a 83a 21a 13b 91ab 21.4c 89.4a 80.7b 454a
Boramchal 118cd 66c 19b 12b 99a 20.6c 76.5a 80.7b 459a
Boseogchal 117d 76ab 18b 15a 72d 21.1c 77.0a 81.9a 437a
Dongjinchal 120b 72bc 17c 14a 77cd 19.7d 83.4a 79.1c 442a
JJ644wx 120b 64c 19b 13b 85bc 21.3c 78.1a 80.9b 422a
Nunbora 119bc 80ab 18b 13ab 76cd 23.3b 55.1b 81ab 452a
Sinseonchal 116e 78ab 19b 15a 77cd 19.0d 81.7a 80.4b 450a
Mean 119A 75A 19B 13A 82B 21.4B 77.7A 80.7C 445B
C.V.(%) 2.4 11.9 6.5 11.6 15.3 9.1 17.7 1.3 9.1
Ordinary Baegseolchal 106cd 84a 20bcd 13b 98bc 25.5a 79.6abc 81.9ab 521a
Baekogchal 111a 85a 23a 13ab 107ab 20.9b 92.0a 82.1ab 508ab
Boramchal 106de 68cd 20cd 13b 111a 21.6b 71.0c 82.5a 529a
Boseogchal 105e 79ab 21bc 14ab 82e 21.8b 78.4bc 82.5ab 473b
Dongjinchal 107bc 75bc 19e 14ab 93cd 20.7b 82.1abc 79.9c 494ab
JJ644wx 108b 66d 21bc 14ab 101bc 21.6b 77.6bc 82.4ab 488ab
Nunbora 107bcd 82ab 20d 13ab 87de 24.7a 70.3c 82.4ab 495ab
Sinseonchal 103f 86a 21b 16a 86de 20.2b 84.1ab 81.1bc 487ab
Mean 107B 78A 21A 14A 96A 22.1B 79.4A 81.8B 499A
C.V.(%) 2.2 12.3 6.1 16.1 12.8 11.8 14.1 1.6 7.3
Late Baegseolchal 77b 72b 20cd 12c 98bc 26.7a 74.4bc 82.4a 486a
Baekogchal 83a 77a 22a 13bc 105b 23.0b 82.5ab 82.5a 487a
Boramchal 78b 61c 20bc 13c 118a 22.3c 70.9c 82.4a 500a
Boseogchal 77b 71b 19cde 15a 78e 22.8bc 78.5abc 82.9a 493a
Dongjinchal 79b 63c 19de 14ab 92cd 21.2d 80.2ab 81.3b 462a
JJ644wx 78b 63c 21b 12c 107ab 23.1b 81.5ab 82.8a 474a
Nunbora 78b 70b 19e 13bc 88cde 26.3a 76.8abc 82.9a 488a
Sinseonchal 77b 79a 21b 15a 83de 21.5d 83.3a 82.2a 509a
Mean 78C 70B 20A 13A 96A 23.4A 78.5A 82.4A 487A
C.V.(%) 2.8 10.0 6.4 12.1 16.1 8.7 8.9 0.9 12.5
Total 101 74 20 13 91 22 79 82 477
C.V.(%) 17.2 12.4 7.1 13.4 16.3 10.5 14.0 1.6 10.9

zHD: heading date, DAS: days after seeding, CL: culm length, PL: panicle length, PN: number of panicles per hill, NS: number of spikelets per panicle, TGW: 1,000-grain weight of brown rice, RRG: ratio of ripened grain, BRR: brown/rough rice ratio.

Capital letters indicate statistic different among cultivation time.

Means with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT).

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