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Table. 5.

Pasting properties of glutinous rice cultivars by different cultivation time.

Cultivation time Cultivar Pasting temperature (℃) Peak viscosity (RVU) Trough viscosity (RVU) Final viscosity (RVU) Break down (RVU) Setback (RVU)
Early Baegseolchal 72.9c 146bc 65cd 85cd 81ab -60cd
Baekogchal 73.0c 119e 53d 68d 66e -51a
Boramchal 73.7bc 150bc 65cd 83cd 84a -67e
Boseogchal 75.2a 155b 82ab 102ab 73cd -53a
Dongjinchal 73.8bc 122de 54d 71d 68de -51a
JJ644wx 73.1c 136cd 61cd 78cd 76bc -58bc
Nunbora 74.8ab 144bc 71bc 90bc 73cd -55ab
Sinseonchal 75.0a 177a 91a 113a 86a -64de
Mean 73.9A 144A 68A 86A 76B -57B
C.V.(%) 1.7 15.2 24.9 22.4 10.6 12.1
Ordinary Baegseolchal 72.3c 126ab 51b 68b 75a -58c
Baekogchal 72.5bc 119ab 48b 62b 70ab -56bc
Boramchal 72.6bc 128ab 62ab 78ab 66abc -50abc
Boseogchal 73.7ab 121ab 63ab 79ab 57bc -42a
Dongjinchal 73.1abc 99b 45b 59b 54c -40a
JJ644wx 72.2c 117ab 51b 66b 67abc -52abc
Nunbora 73.9ab 114ab 55b 70b 59bc -44ab
Sinseonchal 74.1a 148a 80a 98a 68abc -50abc
Mean 73.0B 122B 56.9B 73B 65C -49A
C.V.(%) 1.7 22.7 35.2 30.7 19.7 23.0
Late Baegseolchal 68.8b 121ab 29ab 40ab 92ab -81c
Baekogchal 68.9b 124a 27ab 38ab 97a -87c
Boramchal 69.3ab 114bcd 27ab 37ab 87ab -77bc
Boseogchal 70.2ab 113cd 31ab 41ab 82abc -72bc
Dongjinchal 69.9ab 92e 21b 30b 71cd -62ab
JJ644wx 69.2ab 108d 27ab 37ab 81bc -71bc
Nunbora 70.5a 87e 25ab 35ab 62d -52a
Sinseonchal 70.1ab 120abc 36a 48a 85abc -72bc
Mean 69.6C 110C 28.0C 38C 82A -72C
C.V.(%) 1.7 12.9 34.2 30.7 18.9 23.0
Total 72.2 125 51 66 74 -59
C.V.(%) 3.1 20.7 45.6 41.5 19.3 25.9

Means with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT).

Capital letters indicate statistic different among cultivation time.

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