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Fig. 7.

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Correlation analysis between environmental factors and pasting and texture properties of glutinous rice cultivars in early, ordinary, late, and total cultivation. PaT: pasting temperature, PV: peak viscosity, TV: trough viscosity, FV: final viscosity, BD: break down, SB: setback, Hrd: hardness, AD: adhesiveness, TN: toughness, ST: stickiness, CSH_g: cumulative sunshine hours (CSH) from seeding to heading, CSH_r: CHS from heading to 40 days after heading, CMT_g: Cumulative mean temperature (CMT) from seeding to heading, CMT_r: CMT from heading to 40 days after heading. Blue and red color backgrounds indicate positive and negative correlations, respectively.
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2023;55:9-29 https://doi.org/10.9787/KJBS.2023.55.1.9
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