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Table. 8.

Texture properties of glutinous rice cultivars by different cultivation time.

Cultivation time Cultivar Hardness Adhesiveness Toughness Stickiness
Early Baegseolchal 66abc 44.3a 45.6ab 83.6bc
Baekogchal 73.4a 42.7a 45.1abc 92.3ab
Boramchal 61.9bc 43.7a 41.6c 84.1bc
Boseogchal 70.5ab 42.9a 46.1a 86.3abc
Dongjinchal 60.5bc 46.5a 42.5abc 80.2c
JJ644wx 61.6bc 46.7a 43.1abc 95a
Nunbora 58.4c 41.7a 42bc 85.2abc
Sinseonchal 61.4bc 45.1a 42.5abc 86.9abc
Mean 64.2B 44.2B 43.6A 86.7A
C.V.(%) 13.7 8.9 7.0 9.9
Ordinary Baegseolchal 61.5b 44.7ab 41.5ab 86.2ab
Baekogchal 77.3a 42.5b 44.9a 86.7ab
Boramchal 68.1ab 44ab 41.5ab 82.3b
Boseogchal 65.8ab 45.9ab 45a 85.8ab
Dongjinchal 63.8b 47.2a 40.9b 72.8c
JJ644wx 68.6ab 45.9ab 42.4ab 89.1ab
Nunbora 61.6b 43.8ab 43ab 86.5ab
Sinseonchal 57.7b 46.7a 41.2b 91a
Mean 65.5AB 45.1AB 42.5A 85.0A
C.V.(%) 16.2 7.1 6.8 9.1
Late Baegseolchal 64.7a 47.2a 44.2a 77.6b
Baekogchal 74.7a 46.1ab 44.4a 82.2ab
Boramchal 65.1a 45.8ab 41.5a 77.5b
Boseogchal 66.1a 47.3a 43.6a 84ab
Dongjinchal 72.4a 46.6ab 42.3a 83.9ab
JJ644wx 66.8a 46.3ab 41.7a 81.1ab
Nunbora 65.9a 44.2b 41.4a 76.4b
Sinseonchal 71.2a 46.6ab 42.5a 87.1a
Mean 68.4A 46.3A 42.7A 81.2B
C.V.(%) 13.3 4.6 5.6 9.2
Total 66.0 45.2 42.9 84.3
C.V.(%) 14.6 7.3 6.6 9.8

Means with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT).

Capital letters indicate statistic different among cultivation time.

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