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Table. 8.

Yield analysis according to various seasons and regions of ‘Drimi4ho’.

Culture season Region No. of tested sites Milled rice (kg/10a) Index
Drimi4ho (A) Junam (B) A/B
Early planting Middle, Honam, Yeongnam plain 5 525±3.7ns z 524±5.8 100±4.2
Ordinary planting Southern mountainous area 2 553±5.4** 531±4.1 104±3.8
Late planting Middle, Honam, Yeongnam plain 3 542±4.2** 537±3.9 101±2.3

zData are presented as mean ±standard deviation. ns means no significant difference and ** mean significant difference at p<0.01 by t-test

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