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Fig. 1.

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Genealogical and schematic diagram of breeding for ‘Drimi4ho’. Drimi4ho’ was breeding for the purpose of specialty rice cultivar, a giant embryonic. ‘Hwayeong’ was tissue cultured to derive the mutant population. In the mutant group, ‘P47’, which had a large embryonic size and excellent agricultural trait in the field, was backcrossed 3 times with ‘Junma’, a high-quality cultivar. In addition, ‘P47JB-86-1-B’, which is resistant to various major pests and has excellent cultivation stability in the field, was finally selected and named ‘Drimi4ho’.
Korean J. Breed. Sci. 2023;55:36-47 https://doi.org/10.9787/KJBS.2023.55.1.36
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