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Table. 1.

Agricultural characteristics related to yield and field of ‘Drimi4ho’.

Cultivar Heading date (DASz) Culm length (cm) Panicle length (cm) No. of panicles per hill No. of spikelets
per panicle
Ratio of ripened grain (%) 1,000-grain weight of brown rice (g) Ratio of embryo to grown rice area
Drimi4ho 107±0.8ns y 69±2.3ns 21±1.1** 16±1.5** 115±3.4** 92.7±2.8** 24.3±1.1** 24.3±2.1**
Junam 108±1.5 69±1.8 19±1.5 14±1.1 108±4.1 90.3±1.4 25.1±1.3 7.3±1.7

zDAS: days after sowing

yData are presented as mean ±standard deviation. ns means no significant difference, and ** mean significant difference at p<0.01 by t-test

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