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Fig. 3.

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Phenotype when ‘Drimi4ho’ is maturing stage in the field. (A) ‘Drimi4ho’ has the same culm length as ‘Junam’. However, ‘Drimi4ho’ has a longer panicle length than ‘Junam’ and has more number of tiller per plant. And in the field, neither ‘Drimi4ho’ nor ‘Junam’ was loaded. Appearance of rough rice (B), brown rice (C), and milled rice (D) of ‘Drimi4ho’. All scale bars are 0.5 mm. Drimi4ho’ grains are very clear and transparent, so the quality is very good. ‘Drimi4ho’ was bred as a specialty rice cultivar. The embryo size of ‘Drimi4ho’ (E) is larger than that of ‘Junam’ (F). Scale bar is 0.3 mm.
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