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Table. 3.

Agronomic characteristics and yield components of ‘Sodammi’ on regional yield trial in normal season culture.

Variety Sprout appearance (DAP)z Date of sprouting (DAP) Vine length (cm) Vine weight (MT/ha) Avg. weight of marketable storage root (g) No. of marketable storage root per plant
Sodammi 15.3±0.6* y 20.6±0.9** 215.9±17.8ns 44.2±6.8ns 135.8±22.0ns 2.6±0.2ns
Jinhongmi 13.0±0.6x 15.5±0.7 254.9±23.6 44.8±6.7 156.9±18.8 2.7±0.2

zDAP: Days after planting.

yns indicates no significant difference at p<0.05, while * and ** significant at respectively p<0.05 and p<0.01.


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