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Table. 10.

Characteristics related to grain shape and grain quality.

Cultivar Brown rice Grain-related gene Trans-lucency
White core
White belly
Alkali digestive value
Protein content
Amylose content
L/W ratio
Chamdongjin 5.68az 2.83a 2.05a 2.01a GW2-gs3-qsw5 1a 0a 1a 6.3b 5.2b 18.4a 83.6a
Sindongjin 5.80a 2.88a 2.13a 2.02a GW2-gs3-qsw5 1a 0a 1a 6.7a 6.1a 18.3a 72.0b
Nampyeong 4.85b 2.78a 2.04a 1.75b GW2-GS3-qsw5 1a 0a 0b 6.5ab 6.1a 18.1a 77.6ab

zMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT)

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