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Table. 3.

Mean values of 12 indices extracted from Top and Side fruit images for 4 Apple cultivars.

Index Image type Hongan Hongro Fuji Hwangok
Area Top 6160.68±597.04a 5343.83±665.38b 5468.55±927.4b 4143.31±385.01c
Side 3955.82±404.98a 3694.56±484.16b 3554.53±525.69b 2916.51±260.23c
Perimeter Top 297.73±14.98a 276.6±17.53b 278.57±23.99b 247.65±11.5c
Side 254.46±13.13a 240.92±14.78b 241.62±18.38b 221.53±10.46c
Width Top 87.88±4.49a 82.45±5.72b 82.89±7.39b 72.29±3.77c
Side 71.45±3.1a 67.61±4.18b 67.85±5.58b 60.23±2.87c
Height Top 89.54±4.34a 83.73±5.19b 84.23±7.26b 73.67±3.47c
Side 66.5±4.53a 66.15±4.66a 63.29±4.48b 58.83±3.36c
Major Top 90.14±4.33a 84.19±5.36b 85.43±7.5b 74.36±3.65c
Side 73.44±3.13a 70.12±4.65b 69.53±5.31b 62.58±2.63c
Minor Top 86.83±4.44a 80.53±4.95b 80.95±6.85b 70.8±3.39c
Side 68.43±4.49a 66.83±4.28ab 64.77±4.77b 59.23±3.05c
Feret Top 90.65±4.22a 85.18±5.6b 85.83±7.52b 74.88±3.6c
Side 75.23±3.87a 72.58±4.91b 71.09±5.13b 64.51±2.98c
MinFeret Top 86.65±4.54a 80.16±5.04b 80.86±6.82b 70.74±3.26c
Side 66.3±4.39a 65.47±4.14a 63.09±4.59b 58.21±3.25c
Circularity Top 0.8713±0.01a 0.8753±0.01ab 0.8797±0.01b 0.8477±0.02c
Side 0.77±0.03b 0.8±0.03a 0.76±0.03bc 0.75±0.04c
Aspect ratio Top 1.0393±0.02a 1.0463±0.02ab 1.0555±0.03b 1.0500±0.03ab
Side 1.0750±0.05a 1.0507±0.02b 1.0738±0.03a 1.0573±0.03ab
Roundness Top 0.9633±0.02a 0.9573±0.02ab 0.9483±0.03b 0.9530±0.02ab
Side 0.9320±0.04a 0.9533±0.02b 0.9321±0.03a 0.9467±0.03ab
Solidity Top 1.00±0.00 1.00±0.00 1.00±0.00 1.00±0.00
Side 0.99±0.00 0.99±0.00 0.99±0.00 0.99±0.00

*Values with different letters (a-c) are statistically different at p<0.05 significant level (post hoc Duncan’s test); data represent the means±SD (n=30).

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