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Table. 6.

Nutrition quality analysis of mineral contents according to Tongil type varieties and ‘Younghojinmi’.

Variety Mineral content (mg/100 g)
Potassium Phosphorus Calcium Magnesium
Youngojinmi 270.17±11.73a z,y 370.94±5.10a 11.05±0.68a 110.51±1.54a
Dasan 229.68±15.30c 331.34±10.52c 13.11±1.35a 103.51±3.59bc
Hanarem2 234.18±24.49bc 333.19±11.93c 9.72±0.45a 98.60±6.94c
Hanarem3 263.08±7.98ab 354.85±3.56b 11.34±0.99a 109.18±0.71ab
Hanarem4 232.35±4.21c 332.66±8.03c 10.68±0.29a 98.18±0.93c
Geumgang1 247.58±19.90abc 348.38±7.62b 11.34±2.67a 106.82±2.74ab
Variety Mineral content (mg/100 g)
Natrium Ferrum Mangan Zinc
Youngojinmi 6.04±4.47a z,y 0.72±0.06bc 1.38±0.16cd 1.07±0.12b
Dasan 10.28±6.32a 0.94±0.15a 2.17±0.10a 1.43±0.05a
Hanarem2 6.74±2.48a 0.88±0.14ab 1.21±0.13d 1.01±0.04b
Hanarem3 8.45±2.18a 0.68±0.17bc 1.72±0.03b 1.09±0.10b
Hanarem4 5.73±3.44a 0.63±0.11c 1.01±0.13e 1.00±0.10b
Geumgang1 9.82±5.29a 0.66±0.04c 1.45±0.11c 1.15±0.07b

zEach value is mean±standard deviation (n=3).

yDifferent letters in the same column are significantly different (by ANOVA and Duncan’s test, p<0.05).

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