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Table. 2.

Texture properties of Tongil type varieties and ‘Younghojinmi’.

Variety Hardness (Kgf)z Viscosity (Kgf) Balance Elasticity
Youngojinmi 3.97±0.27b y,x 0.23±0.04c 0.06±0.01cd 0.73±0.03a
Dasan 3.45±0.26c 0.43±0.04a 0.13±0.02a 0.70±0.03a
Hanarem2 4.26±0.29b 0.31±0.06b 0.08±0.02bc 0.71±0.03a
Hanarem3 4.77±0.32a 0.20±0.04c 0.05±0.02d 0.72±0.02a
Hanarem4 4.13±0.25b 0.33±0.09b 0.08±0.02bc 0.72±0.02a
Geumgang1 4.05±0.27b 0.36±0.08ab 0.09±0.02b 0.72±0.02a


yEach value is mean±standard deviation (n=3).

xDifferent letters in the same column are significantly different (by ANOVA and Duncan’s test, p<0.05).

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