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Table. 3.

A summary of transporter genes along with the genes for transcription factors (TFs), which regulate their expression ion cereals modified from Gupta et al. (2021).

Metal Transporterz Gene (number of genes) References
Fe VIT TaVIT2 (8) Connorton et al. (2017), Wang et al. (2019), Sharma et al. (2020)
DMAS TaDMAS1 (1) Bashir & Nishizawa (2006)
NRAMP TaNRAMP (24) Borrill et al. (2014), Wang et al. (2019)
FRO FRO (1) Wang et al. (2019)
IREG/FPN IREG/FPN (1) Wang et al. (2019)
Fer TaFer1 and 2 (2) Borg et al. (2012)
IDS3 TaIDS3 (1) Mathpal et al. (2018)
Zn HMA TaHMA2 (1) Tan et al. (2013)
Zn & Fe ZIFL TaZIFL1 to TaZIFL7 (15) Sharma et al. (2019)
YS/YSL TaYSIA-6A to TaYSL23-5A (66/67) Kumar et al. (2019), Wang et al. (2019)
ZRT/IRT-like ZIP (1) Wang et al. (2019)
MTP TaMTP1A (15) Vatansever et al. (2017)

zVIT=vacuolar iron transporter; DMAS=deoxymugineic acid synthase; HMA=heavy metal ATPases; ZIFL=Zinc-induced facilitator like; YS/YSL=yellow stripe or yellow-stripe-like; ZRT/IRT=zinc-regulated transporter/iron-regulated transporter-like protein; NRAMP=natural resistance-associated macrophage protein;FRO=ferric chelate reductases; MTP=metal tolerance protein; TOM=transporter of mugineic acid; IREG/FPN=iron-regulated/ferroportin; Fer=ferritin; IDS3=iron-deficiency-specific clone 3.

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