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Table. 4.

A summary of transporter genes along with the genes for transcription factors (TFs), which regulate their expression ion cereals modified from Gupta et al. (2021).

Downstream transporter genes Transcription factor genes Expression tissue References
FRO2, IRT1 FIT1; bHLH38, 39, 100, 101 Root & other tissues Colangelo & Guerinot (2004), Jakoby et al. (2004), Yuan et al. (2005, 2008), Wang et al. (2019)
YSL15, YSL2, NAS1, NAS2, NAAT1, DMAS1, TOM1 IRO2 (bHLH), OsbHLH058 Roots, shoots, leaves,
flowers & developing seeds
Ogo et al. (2007, 2011), Wang et al. (2019), Kobayashi et al. (2019)
YSL2 IDEF2 Roots; leaves (vasculature) Ogo et al. (2008), Kobayashi et al. (2010)
IRT1, IRO2, YSL15, YSL2, NAS1, NAS2, NAS3, DMAS1 IDEF1 Roots & shoots Kobayashi et al. (2009, 2010)
NAS4, ZIF1, FRO3 PYE Roots; shoots Long et al. (2010)
NAS1, NAS2, IRO2 IRO3 Roots & shoots Zheng et al. (2010)
NAS4, BGLU42 MYB10, MYB 72 Roots Palmer et al. (2013), Zamioudis et al. (2014)
ZIP, YSL NAM-B1 Flag leaves Pearce et al. (2014)
VITL, NAS2 WRKY46 Root Yan et al. (2016)
TaZIPs TabZIP Roots & shoots Evens et al. (2017)
ZIFL IDE1 Roots & shoots Sharma et al. (2019)
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