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Table. 2.

Identification of novel genes for several abiotic stresses from wheat resources.

Trait Gene Description Genetic resources Reference
Drought stress tolerance NAC transcription factor TaNAC071-A (108 BP insertion, MYB cis-regulatory elements) express and plant drought tolerance Association-mapping panel composed of 430 wheat accessions Mao et al. 2022b
DREB transcription factor (dehydration-responsive element binding proteins) TaDTG6-B (26-bp deletion, Del574), transcriptional activation, protein interactions, binding activity to dehydration-responsive elements (DRE)/CRT cis-elements and greater drought tolerance in wheat seedlings Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) diversity panel 430 wheat accessions Mei et al. 2022
PYLs (PYR1/PYL/RCAR) TaPYL1-1 (BIn-442, MYB recognition site insertion in the promoter), targeted by TaMYB70 and confers enhanced expression of TaPYL1-1B in drought-tolerant genotypes

120 hexaploid wheat global varieties, 154 wheat landraces from the Chinese wheat minicore

Collection, 344 wheat minicore


Mao et al. 2022a
alkane biosynthesis gene ECERIFERUM1-6A (TaCER1-6A) Alkanes (Cuticular wax components), contribute to plant drought tolerance, two R2R3-MYB transcription factors bound motif in promoter Common wheat 43 accessions He at el. 2022
WRKY transcription factor WRKY domains and the type of zinc-finger motif, bind W-box (TTGACC/T) or WK-box (TTTTCCAC) in the target-promoter region, the mediation of responses to drought in a variety of plants Yu et al. 2023
ERF transcription factor Ethylene-responsive factors (ERFs, bind GCC-box element), the interaction between TaERF87 and the bHLH transcription factor TaAKS1, increases wheat drought tolerance by promoting proline accumulation Triticum aestivum Du et al. 2022
VQ motif-containing protein VQ genes, contain W-Box cis-acting elements in promoter regions, complexes with WRKY transcription factors to play stress response Triticum aestivum Zhang et al. 2023
jumonji C (JmjC) domain-containing proteins jumonji C (JmjC) domain-containing proteins, demethylases that are involved in regulating epigenetic modification in plants Triticum aestivum Wang et al. 2022
expansin expandin gene family provided in the wild type responds to drying stress 63 emmer accessions, 49 durum accession Li et al. 2023
Heat stress tolerance AP2/ERF Superfamily Genes Australian Winter Cereals Collection Magar et al. 2022
MIKC-type MADS-box genes

Triticum turgidum

T. aestivum

Schilling et al. 2020
Caseinolytic Protease B (CLPB) proteins Heat shock protein 101 Chinese Spring, Triticum Urartu, Aegilops speltoides, Aegilops tauschii, Triticum turgidum subsp, durum Erdayani et al. 2020
Seed dormancy & pre-harvest sprout Calcium-dependent protein kinases (CPKs) Regulation of ABA signaling process Triticum aestivum Lui et al. 2023
R2R3-MYB transcription factor (Myb10) Protein modification and dormancy regulation due to deletion of IRTKAL/IRC motif region Triticum aestivum Zhu et al. 2023
TaVQ protein Interaction with ABA among VQ domain genes Triticum aestivum, Chinese landrace Cheng et al. 2022
TaNAC074 gene Reduced seed dormancy 302 diverse wheat in four environments Jiang et al. 2022
MAPK, MKK Regulation of plant hormone biosynthetic pathways Landraces and cultivars of Iranian wheat Rabieyan et al. 2022
Sdr-A1 gene Seed dormancy related gene Triticum aestivum, Chinese landrace Zhang et al. 2017
Vp-1B (Viviparous) Seed dormancy related depending on the variation

249 micro-core collections of Chinese whitegrained

Wheat, 22 landraces

Chang et al. 2010
MFT Seed dormancy association according to haplotype 326 Chinese winter wheat cultivars, 19 cultivars from the Northern Winter Wheat Zone (NWWZ), 270 from the YHWZ, 21 from the MLWZ, and 16 from the SWWZ Yiwen et al. 2022
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