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Table. 5.

Response to physiological and abiotic stresses of ‘Aram’ and check cultivar (‘Nampyeong’).

Variety Premature heading in 50days old seedling (%) Appearance of wilting Adult leaf senescence Cold tolerancez Viviparous germinationx (%)
Heading delay (day) Grain fertility (%) PAy (1~9)
Nampyeong 0 Strong Late 7.8±1.1ns w 21.7±3.5* 7.3±0.3ns 3.1±0.8ns
Aram 0 Strong Late 9.3±2.2 48.6±9.1 5.7±1.5 4.9±1.6

zCold tolerance was evaluated at Chuncheon cold-water(17℃) irrigated nursery.

yPhenotypic Acceptability.

xGermination rate at 7 days after incubation in 25℃ chamber.

wns indicates no significant difference at p<0.05, while * and ** significant at respectively p<0.05 and p<0.01 in the independent two-sample t-test.

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