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Table. 6.

Characteristics related to lodging of ‘Aram’ and check cultivar (‘Nampyeong’).

Variety Culm length (cm) 3th Culm length (cm) Breaking weight of 3rd internode (g) Lodging indexy Field lodging (1~9)
Nampyeong 79±2* z 11.9±1.0* 1,209±59* 134±4ns 1
Aram 89±2 15.4±0.7 1,454±47 130±4 1

zns indicates no significant difference at p<0.05, while * and ** significant at respectively p<0.05 and p<0.01 in the independent two-sample t-test.

yIndex; (Culm length+Panicle length)×Fresh weight of aerial Part/Breaking weight of 3rd internode.

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