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Table. 1.

Heading date and yield components of ‘Aram’ and check cultivar (‘Nampyeong’)..

Variety Heading date Culm length (cm) Panicle length (cm) No. of panicle/hill No. of spikelet/panicle Ratio of ripened grain(%) 1,000 grain weight (g)
Rough rice Brown rice
Nampyeong Aug. 14 79.0±3.5ns z 20.3±0.7ns 15.7±2.3ns z 102.3±5.0ns 82.0±1.4* 26.0±0.2ns 21.0±0.4ns
Aram Aug. 16 82.3±4.7 21.3±0.3 17.0±2.6 99.0±6.5 85.4±1.3 26.1±0.2 20.7±0.3

zns indicates no significant difference at p<0.05, while * and ** significant at respectively p<0.05 and p<0.01 in the independent two-sample t-test.

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