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Table. 10.

Detailed spatial arrangement of jointly utilized seed processing center (KOAT 2023).

Layout Example of detailed use of a building Area required (㎡)
1st floor Office/Common use Lobby, stairs, elevator, restroom, shower room, etc. 100
Reception/test room (germination, humidity, storage) 200
Seed processing Disinfection room, water supply/drainage facility 100 1,100
Cleaning room (size, gravity, weight, shape, color) 700
Priming, water/drainage facilities, inspection room 100
Film coating room, water supply/drainage facility 100
Pelleting room, water supply/drainage facilities 100
Drying Drying room (1st, 2nd) 100 1,100
Packing Seed packaging room 200
Storage warehouse Warehouse for processing (room temperature) 200
Room temperature warehouse (short term) 300
Cold storage warehouse (mid-& long-term) 200
Utility Electrical, machine, water tank, waste, oil storage 200
2nd floor Office/Common use Office, bathroom, etc. 100
Business lounge (smart work), lobby, stairs, elevator, restroom, etc. 200
Total floor area 3,000
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